The ultimate journey of our distinctive flavour

It all started the year 1970 when our grandfather Konstantinos movedhis small industry to Athens because he strongly believed that his traditional sausage recipes and products deserve to be known and travel throughout the whole country and abroad.

The secret to his success and dream was the distinctive and one of a kind local and traditional recipe.

Today, the Moutevelis family offers a high quality and unique aroma and flavor line and variety of traditional country sausages on the basis of authentic Greek recipes.

Carefully selected raw materials

Our sausages are prepared with the best and most carefully selected fresh pork, beef meat and mutton pieces.

The most
excellent quality

100% natural seasonings and spices, prime red wine and other fresh ingredients like orange and leek. Traditional Greek products like Greek feta and manouri cheese, Kalamon olives.

Traditional taste, Free of gluten and free of chemical food colouring

Our sausages are smoked in the traditional way, in beech wood species, so as to give the savor, taste and flavor of an authentic and home-made final product.

‘Α la… ellinika sausages

With Greek traditional feta cheese, oregano and sun dried tomato. Our favorite Mediterranean flavours in a single bite.

Sausages with Greek manouri cheese and Kalamon olives

The recipe that highly balances the intense flavor of Kalamon olives and the sweet taste of Greek Manouri cheese with the soft buttery texture.


Kalamatas sausages with orange

With savory, cumin and dry red wine. Strong aroma and unique flavor that will certainly delight you!


Veal sausages with wine and thyme

Chosen pieces of 100% veal meat, red wine, thyme, other seasonings and spices, fresh onion all combined to produce a sausage unique in taste with high nutritional value.

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